Project Dates
A novel approach to measure nutrient fluxes in permeable sediments A novel approach to measure nutrient fluxes in permeable sediments Nov 2022 to Oct 2023
Advancing Novel imaging Technologies and data analyses in order to understand Interior ocean Carbon Storage Oct 2021 to Oct 2026
APEAR Advective Pathways of nutrients and key Ecological substances in the ARctic Oct 2018 to Oct 2022
Applying nature-based coastal defence to the world's largest urban area Feb 2018 to Feb 2021
Arctic PRIZE Arctic PRIZE, Arctic productivity in the seasonal ice zone Feb 2017 to Feb 2021
ARISE ARISE- Arctic isotopes and seals Feb 2017 to Jul 2020
BIO-Carbon BIO-Carbon Jul 2022 to Apr 2028
BRICS Biology’s Role In ocean Carbon Storage – a gap analysis Jul 2022 to Jun 2023
BLUECO BLUECO Sep 2020 to Sep 2022
Bridging International Activity and Related Research Into the Twilight Zone Oct 2018 to Nov 2020
C-Streams - The Gulf Stream control of the North Atlantic carbon sink Feb 2023 to Jan 2027
Carbon Uptake and Seasonal Traits in Antarctic Remineralisation Depth Apr 2018 to Mar 2022
CAscading impacts of peruvian glacier Shrinkage on biogeochemical Cycling and Acid Drainage in Aquatic ecosystems Feb 2019 to Nov 2021
CELOS-Constraining the evolution of the Southern Ocean carbon sink Jul 2020 to Jun 2023
CHIMNEY CHIMNEY May 2016 to Oct 2021
Climate change and global telecoms Climate change hotspots and the global telecommunications network Jan 2022 to Mar 2023
Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science Apr 2018 to Mar 2024
C-RISC Coastal Resilience to flooding Impact through relocatable Storm surge forecasting Capability for developing nations Jan 2018 to Apr 2019
Coastal REsistance: Alerts and Monitoring Technologies (CreamT) Aug 2020 to Jul 2022
Coastal Risk Information Service Nov 2016 to Dec 2020
CODEMAP Apr 2011 to Jan 2017
CME Programme Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme Jan 2016 to Mar 2020
Connectivity of Hard Substrate Assemblages in the North Sea CHASANS Jun 2020 to May 2023
Controls over Ocean Mesopelagic Interior Carbon Storage Apr 2017 to Mar 2021
DIAPOD DIAPOD Mechanistic understanding of the role of diatoms in the success of the Arctic Calanus complex and implications for a war Feb 2017 to Feb 2021
Ecological Implications of Accelerated Seabed Mobility around Windfarms Aug 2022 to Jul 2026
Environmental Risks to Infrastructure: Identifying and filling the gaps Jun 2016 to Jun 2019
EO4SD-marine Aug 2018 to Dec 2021
FLOWBEC FLOW and Benthic ECology 4D Oct 2012 to Aug 2016
Flying Nodes Flying Nodes Jul 2021 to Feb 2022
Future Coastal Ocean Climates Oct 2022 to Sep 2027
FOCUS Future states Of the global Coastal ocean: Understanding for Solutions Jul 2022 to Mar 2026
Gauging ocean Organic Carbon fluxes using Autonomous Robotic Technologies Sep 2017 to Aug 2022
GCRF – South Asian Nitrogen Hub GCRF – South Asian Nitrogen Hub Apr 2019 to Mar 2024
Global Surface Air Temperature Oct 2019 to Apr 2025
Greensand Greensand Jan 2022 to Dec 2023
Historical Ocean Surface Temperatures: Adjustment, Characterisation and Evaluation Nov 2012 to Sep 2019
HYDRALAB plus Oct 2015 to Oct 2019
iFADO Nov 2017 to Jun 2022
IMMERSE: Improving ocean models for the COPERNICUS programme Dec 2018 to Nov 2022
Joint Exploration of the Twilight Zone Ocean Network Feb 2020
Land Ocean CArbon TransfEr Apr 2016 to Mar 2021
LoCTIPS Low Cost Tide & Sea Level Measurements for Intertidal Public Safety Dec 2017 to May 2019
Mechanisms responsible for Mesoscale Eddy Energy Dissipation Sep 2016 to Mar 2020
Model of Ecosystem Dynamics, nutrient Utilisation, Sequestration and Acidification Jan 2007 to Mar 2024
MOCCA Monitoring the Oceans and Climate Change with Argo May 2015 to Jun 2020
NZOC Net Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC) Aug 2020 to Aug 2021
Hadal sensors New capabilities for measuring organic matter degradation in the deepest oceans on Earth Nov 2020 to Oct 2022
NEW NORMAL NEW NORMAL (NEar surface Warming in the INdian Ocean and Rainfall Monsoon Anomaly Links) Aug 2021 to Aug 2023
SUPREME Newton Fund: Salt intrusion: Understanding the Pearl River Estuary by Modelling and field Experiments Feb 2018 to Jan 2021
Ocean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA) Apr 2016 to Mar 2021
Oceanids Programme Jul 2016 to Mar 2021
Optimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Systems Apr 2015 to Jun 2019
Physical and biological dynamic coastal processes and their role in coastal recovery (BLUEcoast) May 2016 to Jan 2021
Pilot IMFe Piloting an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins Oct 2022 to Oct 2023
Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory Sep 2002
PRIMAVERA Nov 2015 to Oct 2019
ULTRA Project ULTRA Apr 2020 to Oct 2025
RAWMapping Radar-model-fusion approach for high-resolution marine resource mapping (RAWMapping) Jan 2018 to Dec 2020
Rapid Climate Change programme Apr 2003 to Mar 2021
Co-Opt Resilient coasts: optimising co-benefit solutions Nov 2021 to Oct 2024
ReSOW ReSOW Jan 2022 to Dec 2024
Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing iNdustrial Technology Dec 2003 to Jan 2028
Seabed Mining And Resilience To EXperimental impact Jun 2021 to May 2025
SeaSTAR SeaSTAR Mar 2022 to Oct 2023
SHARC SHARC Project Oct 2020 to Dec 2020
SmartBuoy­AR SmartBuoyAR Oct 2019 to Aug 2020
Socio-oceanography Aug 2023
SOLSTICE Aug 2017 to Aug 2021
Southern OceaN optimal Approach To Assess the carbon state, variability and climatic drivers Jul 2017 to Jun 2021
STEMM-CCS Mar 2016 to Feb 2020
Strategies for the Evaluation and Assessment Of Ocean based Carbon Dioxide Removal Jun 2023 to May 2027
SUMMER Sep 2019 to Aug 2023
Drake Passage Sustained observations in Drake Passage Nov 1993 to Mar 2021
SWOT UK SWOT-UK: The UK contribution to validating SWOT in the Bristol Channel and River Severn, with application to coastal and river management Feb 2021 to Jan 2024
Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection Nov 2018 to Oct 2023
The Scottish Shelf Waters Reanalysis Service May 2019 to Mar 2021
CHAMFER UK Coastal Hazards, Multi-hazard Controls on Flooding and Erosion Apr 2022 to Mar 2027
UK Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Programme Sep 2013 to Aug 2020
WAGES Waves Aerosols and Gas Exchange Study Sep 2006 to Sep 2017
WireWall Jan 2018 to Jun 2019