Technology Development

With a wealth of experience and over 20 years of cutting-edge design and development history, the NOC is leading the way in the advancement of marine technologies.

Depending on the application, our technologies must withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions including, crushing pressures, cold temperatures and the varying weather conditions of the oceans. This equipment must provide the scientific community with reliable and repeatable data to assist in answering the big science questions. With deployments varying from hours to decades, one of the challenges our engineers face is the endurance and durability of the equipment.

Technology developed at the NOC ranges from sensors the size of a fingernail that are able to measure chemical parameters in the ocean, to large deep-submergence platforms able to carry a multitude of instruments and sensors and, capable of making measurements from the surface to the depths of the ocean.

As a leading centre for oceanographic research, our new technologies are enabling us to travel past the boundaries of conventional measurement techniques in order to explore and understand the most remote regions on our planet.

Marine Autonomous Robotic Systems

Oceanographers have driven the widespread use and acceptance of robotic and autonomous systems in the marine environment. The use of these platforms has transformed our ability to monitor the oceans by enabling autonomous, adaptive and persistent observations from the surface to the deepest depths and furthest reaches of the oceans.

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