Ecological Implications of Accelerated Seabed Mobility around Windfarms

Scientists from the National Oceanography Centre are joining a collaborative effort to assess the impact of offshore wind farms on the ecosystem. The £7m project see experts provide evidence to help inform marine policy and sustainable management solutions for offshore wind developments to tackle the climate change crisis.

ACCELERATE is part of the Ecological Consequences of Offshore Wind (ECOWind), a cross-discipline programme funded by NERC, the Crown Estate and Defra.

There are synergies between all ECOWind Projects, as scientists from NOC will be working across the programme’s four projects, ACCELERATE, ECOWINGS, PELAgIO, and BOWIE.


PI: Dr Katrien Van Landeghem, Bangor University

NOC Contact: Dr Lucy Bricheno


Project Dates: 
August 2022 to July 2026

NERC – Strategic Research