What to expect when you first join

It is important to us that you feel welcome and have the support you need from the first day.

Your line manager will meet you at reception to welcome you to the National Oceanography Centre, and will arrange your ID and access control card. Your line manager will show you the location of your office and desk, toilets, kitchen and cafeteria. A Tour of the building and facilities will be provided.

Meet people

Our people are our most important asset. It is key that you get to meet the people you will be working with and who are there to support you. You will introduced to team members, colleagues in other teams you will be working with, the HR team, and the Associate Director for your division (an informal meeting will be arranged). Once you get to know the people we think you will start to understand what a special place the NOC is to work.

We have a Buddy System and you will be introduced to your buddy who will be there to offer support during your first few weeks.

Core inductions

You will undergo a set of core induction sessions to ensure you have everything you need to start your role and are safe to work on-site or on board one of the ships:

  • Health and Safety induction – including DSE (display screen equipment) assessment
  • IT induction and cyber security awareness
  • People and Skills induction – find out who to contact for HR queries and support
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance induction
  • Finance induction – procurement training will be arranged if applicable
  • Library induction – can be arranged if required
  • Inventory Management System – if applicable
  • Introduction to UNIT4, NOC’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system – guidance available on the intranet
  • Apply for a parking permit if applicable
  • Introduction to key information and resources and the NOC intranet.

You will have a one-to-one meeting with your manager to find out more about your role, how your job fits into your team, and how your team fits into the organisation. Set objectives for your first six months and discuss any development needs with your line manager. Your line manager will explain the probation process to you as part of objective setting. Your line manager will also arrange regular catch-ups to check how you are settling in.

If you will be managing people further information and development will be provided.

You will be invited to attend Open Staff Meetings, find out about key projects and updates across NOC.

You will be invited to complete a survey at the end of your first month to provide feedback on your on-boarding experience.