Southern OceaN optimal Approach To Assess the carbon state, variability and climatic drivers

The overriding objectives of SONATA are to design and implement an optimal approach to assess the state, variability and climatic drivers of the contemporary Southern Ocean (SO) carbon sink, and establish a legacy strategy to track the SO carbon sink for decades to come. Compared to existing knowledge, SONATA will greatly improve the quantification of the seasonality and geographical distribution of the SO carbon sink, provide new information on the observed patterns of change and new insights on the underlying climatic drivers, establish a practical approach to monitor the SO carbon sink now, and design a strategy to reduce remaining uncertainties in the future.


PI: Professor Corinne Le Quéré, University of East Anglia,

NOC Contact: Peter Brown


Project Dates: 
July 2017 to June 2021

NERC – Strategic Research