Physical and biological dynamic coastal processes and their role in coastal recovery (BLUEcoast)

UK Shoreline Management Plans provide a large-scale assessment of the risks associated with coastal processes to people and the built & natural environment. These policies need to be underpinned by robust scientific evidence.

BLUEcoast aims to enhance the coastal management evidence base. The project team are addressing unknowns in sediment dynamics due to overlapping processes in the water column, on and within the seabed, and at the water-land interface. Our research is focused on both physical and biological dynamic processes and their role in coastal recovery after storm events.

Using three distinct coastal types, which incorporate the range of conditions typically observed in temperate coasts, we aim to deliver improved scientific knowledge and enhanced modelling capability for dynamic coastal environments. The new knowledge and model capability developed will then be applied to deliver scenarios for two particularly challenging coastal locations.


Principal Investigator: Dr Laurent Amoudry
Email: laou (at)

Project Dates: 
May 2016 to January 2021

NERC – Strategic Research