The SANDMAN project is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship in which Dr Anna Lichtschlag will develop a new instrument to measure chemical gradients of important biogeochemical compounds, such as nutrients (nitrate, phosphate), metals (iron) and carbonate system parameters (total alkalinity) directly within the seafloor sediment, in particular the porewater, by combining cutting-edge Lab-on-Chip sensors with deep sea platform technology that can operate in extreme environments in the oceans over longer periods of time. The Lab-On-Chip sensors, which use miniaturized standard laboratory analyses on an automated microfluidic platform, are developed at the National Oceanography Centre and only recently become available for these kinds of longer-term applications.


PI: Anna Lichtschlag


Project Dates: 
June 2024 to May 2028

UKRI - Future Leader Fellowship Cohort 7