Piloting an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins

Towards an ecosystem for environmental digital twins 

Piloting an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins (Pilot IMFe) builds upon the roadmap jointly commissioned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC/UKRI) and the Met Office in 2021. This roadmap articulates the framework of secure, resilient and interoperable data required to develop agreed standards upon which a federated system of environmental digital twins may designed and used.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system updated as the system changes using observations. Environmental digital twins have the potential to significantly improve our understanding of the natural environment, adding value to data from a range of sources.

The Pilot IMFe will apply the roadmap to a develop a Digital Twin of the Haig Fras Marine Protected Area (MPA) along with a publicly accessible digital twin asset register to ensure that components and concepts are reusable in future projects and opportunities for delivering interoperability are fully explored.


Work Packages


    WP1 Stakeholders

    Engaging with senior stakeholders and scoping a environmental digital twins community of practice.


    WP2: IMFe Development Framework

    Developing the theoretical frameworks for environmental digital twins integration and scoping environmental digital twins governance


    WP3: A generalisable IMF for environmental Digital Twins

    Developing an asset register to enable collaborative development of environmental digital twins.


    WP4: The Haig Fras MPA as a Pilot Study

    Piloting the IMFe using seabed imagery on the Haig Fras MPA

PI: John Siddorn, NOC

Email: john.siddorn (at) noc.ac.uk

Project Dates: 
October 2022 to October 2023