Joint Exploration of the Twilight Zone Ocean Network

JETZON is a UN Ocean Decade Programme, acting as an international coordinator and focal point for Twilight Zone studies

The ocean's Twilight Zone, the dimly lit region extending from a few hundred meters depth to 1000m, is still poorly understood from almost any perspective, whether physics, biochemistry or ecology. However, it contains possibly the world's largest and least exploited fish stock and is responsible for recycling roughly 80% of the organic material that enters the ocean's interior from productive surface waters. The former has drawn attention due to an increasing demand for resources from a growing world population. There is therefore a pressing need to understand the consequences of perturbing this ecosystem.

JETZON was set up to address the question: how can we as an international scientific community obtain the greatest insight into the Twilight Zone from ongoing work and how can we maintain focus on this potentially threatened environment?

JETZON aims to bring together all researchers in the field, from PhD students to those involved in, and leading large multi-national projects.


Principal Investigator: Dr Adrian Martin

Project Dates: 
February 2020