The NOC is the UK’s national centre of excellence for large scale oceanographic research. Core National Capability Long-term science is, and will remain, the key foundation of NOC’s research base.

Our work with partners in the UK, and also internationally, is part of our National Marine Capability. The NOC works with the UK and international marine science community and a variety of marine and maritime partners, in the private and government sector, to improve dialogue and sustained interaction in an inclusive, impartial way.


The NOC has a dedicated team of specialists in international and government relations and coordinators of UK marine science. Its primary function is to stimulate collaboration with national and international partners to support global efforts to address the big science and societal challenges we currently face.

As the NOC focal point for engagement with UK government; providers of experts that represent the NOC, NERC-UKRI and the UK at international forums; and provision of secretariat support for the UK Marine Science Coordination Committee (MSCC) and the NOC Association of Marine Science National Capability Beneficiaries (NOC A) the team plays a unique role in influencing, promoting and connecting UK marine science.

Further information on the NOC's national and international activities can be found in the sections below where we play a critical role in managing NOCs National and Public Good programme; supporting the coordination of UK marine science; provide impartial advice; provide representation at international forums; and working with partner agencies and developing countries.