Oceanids Programme

Oceanids is a £16M Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) development programme funded by UK Government through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), which commenced in June 2016 and runs until March 2021. The programme is co-ordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and is being delivered in partnership with Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and several industry partners. Oceanids is also drawing upon engineering and science expertise across a wide range of UK academic, industry and government organisations. The primary aim of the programme is to develop enhanced capability for the UK marine science community, particularly in unexplored and technologically challenging under-ice and deep-ocean environments.

Oceanids will see two new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) classes delivered: three 1500m depth-rated Autosub Long Range vehicles (ALR1500) that will have longer endurance and greater payload capacity compared to the current vehicles; and a 2000m depth-rated Autosub capable of carrying high-power sensors and operating under ice (Autosub2KUI). The project will also deliver enhanced‘command-and-control’ (C2) systems for efficient MAS fleet management, and a range of innovative new sensors to maximise science output from the new platforms. There will also be a series of sea trials to ensure the new capabilities are ready for scienctific deployments anywhere in the ocean.


The NOC will be seeking to add value by ensuring the funding for this disruptive technology innovation is translated into industry, by working in partnership through our existing Innovation Centre partners and associates and wider. Oceanids will help us strengthen academia-industry-government stakeholder engagement through funding initiatives, such as the enhanced control room in the Innovation Centre, and will build on previous investment to enable greater autonomy and smarter operation of new and existing platforms, for example through enhanced command and control.

Oceanids SRO, Julie Pringle-Stewart

This combined investment in marine robotic vehicles and sensors will ensure UK researchers have access to cutting-edge technologies that enable world-leading science, and will also provide a capability pathway for UK Government and industry partners looking to utilise these technologies for safer and more cost-efficient offshore operations.

NOC Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems, Chief Scientist, Professor Russell Wynn


Project Website: https://projects.noc.ac.uk/oceanids/
Principal Investigator: Dr Maaten Furlong
Email: maaten.furlong@noc.ac.uk

Project Dates: 
July 2016 to March 2021

£16million from the UK Government's Industrial Strategy Challnge Fund (ISCF)