AtlantiS is the continuation and development of the CLASS programme, enhancing the long-term, large-scale ocean observation systems and the ocean value-chain that contributes to key national and international programmes and priorities.

The aim of the programme is to provide evidence, tools and knowledge to support the ambition for healthy, biologically diverse and resilient marine environments, a sustainable blue economy and communities safe from natural hazards.

Programme objectives are:

  • Strengthen the capacity of UK marine science to observe, model and predict the ocean 
  • Transform the ocean from being data poor to data rich
  • Provide global syntheses of iconic climate change indicators
  • Lead an increase in public and government understanding of the role of the ocean in climate
  • Communicate actionable knowledge effectively

The programme is delivered through an integrated research programme, where four inter-connected themes address the priority knowledge gaps. The research themes provide focus for underpinning activities that provide critical data, tools and technologies to drive scientific excellence across the UK marine science community.

Theme I: How natural and anthropogenic drivers of basin and decadal changes are altering the Atlantic ecosystem, and the consequences for ecosystem functioning and services

Theme II: The importance of ocean-shelf-coast connectivity in shaping ecosystems, biodiversity, natural hazards and impacts on society

Theme III: The implications and feedbacks associated with climate mitigation strategies, and the need for improved assessments and advice to policy makers

PI: Prof Penny Holliday - National Oceanography Centre

Science Co-ordinator: Christine Sams

Project Manager: Jennifer Thomas

Partners: PML, MBA and SAMS


Project Dates: 
April 2024 to March 2029

NERC Strategic Programme