UN Sustainable development Goals

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Ocean Science in Action - Oceans of the future

1. The Science we need for the Ocean we want

1.2 UN Sustainable development Goals

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The United Nations state that:

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The 17 Goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all by 2030.”

This video was written by David Obura, a Founding Director of Coastal Oceans Research and Development – Indian Ocean, East Africa.

It offers an introduction to the UN SDGs and explains their relevance and importance in relation to food security and marine ecosystem health in the Western Indian Ocean.

Dr D.Obura - CORDIO, East Africa

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