A Day in the Life of the Marine Robotics Team

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Ocean Science in Action - Oceans of the future

10. Welcome aboard! Become an oceanographer for a day

10.2 A Day in the Life of the Marine Robotics Team

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In this lecture you will join an international glider team working in the Pemba Channel, off the coast of Tanzania. You will learn about their objectives and share their challenges and successes.

The glider team is operating out of Mkoani, a busy harbour town in the southwest of Pemba island. Here, they are setting up their base, preparing their instruments and embarking on daily expeditions into the Pemba Channel.

Despite the majority of the preparation for the underwater gliders having already been done in the laboratories of the National Oceanography Centre in the UK, the team still had lots to do before the expeditions could properly start.

Thankfully, the gliders did not sustain any damage during their long transport to Tanzania, and the gliders’ communication between the team on the ground in Mkoani and at the NOC was working fine. This wasn’t always easy, as power and internet access was sometimes intermittent, but the team worked hard to resolve all issues alongside local partners.

Dr S. Painter, Dr J. Wihsgott - NOC

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