Modelling to the rescue! What drives North Kenyan Bank upwelling?

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6. Emerging Fishery of the North Kenyan Bank – The Next Frontier for Food Security

6.2 Modelling to the rescue! What drives North Kenyan Bank upwelling?

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The North Kenya Banks (NKBs) have recently emerged as a region capable of sustaining a rich fishery, which would boost Kenya’s blue economy.

Little research has been conducted on the environmental controls that affect these fisheries and whether there is strong variability from year to year. In this video lecture you will learn how an ocean model, together with the satellite remote sensing data can be used to investigate ocean upwelling occurring in this region.

You will learn about convergence of two currents during the Northeast Monsoon, the Somali Current and the East African Coastal Current, which meet near the NKBs and flow away from the coast. This induces the upwelling of cold, nutrient‐rich waters, which are brought up from depth to the surface, resulting in the NKBs being a highly productive area. These findings provide the first indication of the environmental controls that need to be considered when developing plans for sustainable exploitation of the fisheries resources.

Dr Z.Jacobs - NOC

Further Reading:

Shelf‐break upwelling and productivity over the North Kenya Banks: The importance of large‐scale ocean dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 125, e2019JC015519.

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Research may help plan sustainable fisheries in Kenya
Recently published research led by the NOC is helping to inform sustainable fishing plans for the North Kenya Banks, which is viewed by the Kenyan government as the next frontier for food security of the coastal population.

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