Life On-board - a Day at Sea undertaking Biogeochemical Surveys

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Ocean Science in Action - Oceans of the future

10. Welcome aboard! Become an oceanographer for a day

10.3 Life On-board - a Day at Sea undertaking Biogeochemical Surveys

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In this lecture, we will take you through a typical day onboard a small research boat as it makes new and important observations from the Pemba Channel, in Tanzania.

The Angra Pequena is a 24m long wooden, hulled expedition yacht that was home to the science team for the entire duration of the survey of the Pemba Channel.

During their work, the scientists on board collect many samples and make many measurements using a variety of equipment. The principle instrument used is a profiling system known as a CTD, which consists of several sensors able to measure parameters such as temperature and salinity down through the water column.

Collecting water by CTD deployment is not the only activity onboard. Scientists also deploy and drag nets through the water to catch the fast swimming organisms that would otherwise avoid the CTD, such as zooplankton. Surface samples for phytoplankton were also collected.

Dr S. Painter - NOC

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