NOC Association

NOC Association

The National Oceanography Centre Association is a strategic platform that brings together the NERC funded marine science community to enhance its influence on funders, policy makers and the impact that science has on society.

The NOC Association provides a channel to seek input and share outputs and information with the wider marine science community and its stakeholders. As such, the NOC Association is responsive to the needs and suggestions of its members.

Current activities include the following.

  • Focusing effort on strategic matters affecting UK marine science in the national and international context
  • Developing and targeting inputs to consultations and other marine science briefings
  • Showcasing UK marine science capabilities and achievements to policy makers, industry, learned and professional societies, and the public
  • International engagement in UK, European and International forums, to inform new funding programmes such as Horizon 2020 and the Joint Programming Initiative ‘Oceans’.



The NOC Association formed during the merger of the NERC-managed activity at Liverpool’s Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, on 1st April 2010. The NERC Council tasked this newly formed National Oceanography Centre to work in closer partnership with institutions across the UK marine science community, not just in research collaborations, and also in a more strategic way.

The NOC Association was created with the view to support wider engagement with the marine science community in an open and impartial way. In particular the NOC Association has the following objectives.

  • Enable the community to formulate and express its views to NERC, the Government and elsewhere
  • Inform policy and influence wider society for support for marine science in the UK
  • Champion the expertise of the NERC-funded marine research community nationally, (through the Governments Marine Science Coordination Committee) and internationally (through representation on international panels and boards).

The NOC Association has developed a community vision, which takes a broad view of the priorities for science and national capability, within the context of the NERC and UK Marine Science Strategies.


The National Oceanography Centre was tasked by NERC with bringing the UK’s marine research community together to develop and produce the document ‘Setting Course – Vision and Priorities for Marine Research’. This new vision statement for the future of marine science was unveiled on 13 December 2011.

Professor Ed Hill outlined the goals and priorities identified by the marine research community.

This vision statement details the priorities for the next five to ten years. ‘Setting Course’ makes the case for a more integrated marine research community ready and willing to address the big questions about how the earth functions as a whole system. We need to ensure that the oceans are fully recognised for their ability to provide solutions to the big challenges facing society, which concern sustainable use of natural resources and the management of environmental risks and hazards.

Professor Ed Hill, Executive Director of the National Oceanography Centre

The vision will guide the National Oceanography Centre Association in providing large-scale research infrastructure such as Royal Research Ships, deep submersibles, ocean sensors, sustained observations and data management which support the UK’s marine science community.

Understanding the marine environment and its interactions with Earth systems and human society is one of the most complex and challenging questions of our age; the vision is that this greater understanding will make a profound contribution to sustainable development globally and also to the UK’s wellbeing and competitiveness in the green economy.

Professor Peter Liss, Chair of the National Oceanography Centre Association’s Steering Board

The NOC Association Steering Board

Membership Criteria Summary

NOC Association- Terms of Reference

The overarching objective of the NOC Association Steering Board is to facilitate those engaged in the NERC funded marine science community to work together to advance UK marine science.

The Steering Board for the NOC Association is a non-executive body whose primary role is to provide advice to the Executive Director NOC on the development, activities and priorities of the NOC Association to deliver its objective; to enhance its impact and to assist in optimising its engagement and synergy with the wider UK and international marine science community.

Board members Affiliation Position  
Prof. David Thomas, Chair University of Bangor Member More Information
Prof. Icarus Allen Plymouth Marine Laboratory Member More Information
Dr Simon Brockington Marine Science Coordination Committee Member More Information
Prof. Colin Moffatt Marine Science Coordination Committee Member More Information
Prof. Martin Solan University of Southampton Member More Information
Prof. Rob Upstill-Goddard Challenger Society Member More Information
The following attend meetings alternately
Dr Mark James Marine Alliance for Science and
Technology for Scotland (MASTS)
Member More Information
Prof. David Paterson Member More Information

General membership

NOC Association members and their participation in meetings, events and activities, drive the NOC Association.

General membership of the NOC Association is open to all who are part of the NERC marine science community. Membership requires a willingness and commitment to engage positively. Participation will help to enable the NOC Association community to influence the direction of key areas of marine science and national capability.

Formally, membership of the NOC Association is institutional (for example at the level of a University School) with nominated individuals representing the institution. Clusters or consortia of institutions are also welcome.

General members Affilliation  


Prof. Icarus Allen Plymouth Marine Laboratory More Information
Prof. Jane Francis British Antarctic Survey More Information
Prof. Ailsa Hall Sea Mammal Research Unit More Information
Prof. Edward Hill OBE National Oceanography Centre More Information
David McInroy British Geological Survey More Information
Prof. Nick Owens Scottish Association for Marine Science More Information
Prof. Willie Wilson Marine Biological Association More Information


Dr David Bailey University of Glasgow More Information
Prof. Grant Bigg University of Sheffield More Information
Prof. Tony Clare University of Newcastle More Information
Prof. Jenny Collier Imperial College/Grantham Institute More Information
Dr Helen Czerski University College London More information
Dr Sarah Davies University of Leicester More Information
Prof. Jamie Dick Queen’s University Belfast More information
Prof. Nick Dodd University of Nottingham More Information
Prof. Rob Duck University of Dundee More Information
Prof. Mike Elliott University of Hull More Information
Prof. Teresa Fernandes Heriot Watt University More Information
Prof. Kevin Flynn University of Swansea More Information
Dr Alex Ford University of Portsmouth More Information
Prof. Keith Haines University of Reading More Information
Prof. Ian Hall University of Cardiff More Information
Dr Kate Hendry University of Bristol More Information
Prof. Atilla Incecik University of Strathclyde More Information
Dr Alan Jamieson University of Aberdeen More information
Prof. Jan Kaiser University of East Anglia More information
Dr Christopher McGonigle Ulster University More Information
Dr Caroline Peacock University of Leeds More information
Prof. Christine Peirce University of Durham More Information
Dr Alex Piotrowski University of Cambridge More Information
Prof. Rosalind Rickaby University of Oxford More Information
Prof. Jonathan Sharples University of Liverpool More information
Prof. Martin Solan University of Southampton More Information
Dr Michael Steinke University of Essex More Information
Prof. Richard Thompson OBE University of Plymouth More Information
Prof. Sandy Tudhope University of Edinburgh More Information
Prof. John Turner Bangor University More Information
Prof. Andrew Watson FRS University of Exeter More Information
Dr Michael Wyman University of Stirling More Information

Clusters and societies

Steve Hall Society for Underwater Technology More Information
Prof. Rob Upstill-Goddard Newcastle University More Information
The following attend meetings alternately
Dr Mark James Marine Alliance for Science and
Technology for Scotland (MASTS)
More Information
Prof. David Paterson More Information

The UK Marine Science and Technology Compendium has been compiled with input from across the UK’s vibrant marine community. The database provides an overview of marine research institutes, university departments, the marine industry sector, government bodies representing marine and marine-related Non-Governmental Organisations.




If you would like to be added to the NOC Association news items circulation list, please contact:

Jackie Pearson
National Oceanography Centre Association or tel: 023 8059 6097