Working with Business

NOC Innovations Ltd is a trading subsidiary of the National Oceanography Centre.

The NOC works with industry and users of research to better understand the needs for scientific evidence and measurement technologies, and to engage in how scientific knowledge and actions can better inform their own actions. This helps us to identify demands for new knowledge and understanding of the ocean, and to develop and bring to market reliable new marine measurement technologies needed to drive the advancement of science and other applications.

Where industry funds or co-funds the advancement of science and education, in similar ways to many public science funders, we may undertake this work within our charitable organisation as part of our normal research endeavours. Where that is not the case, the NOC markets its expertise, works with others to create value from its intellectual property, and delivers other activities through NOC Innovations Ltd – using profits generated to support the NOC’s charitable purposes of advancing ocean science and education.

Based on our prior track record of working with industry, NOC and NOC Innovations Ltd, as described above, will be able to work with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to multinational corporations. Our scientific expertise will be of interest and applicable for many sectors including: renewable energy, water management, shipping, oil and gas, and defence.