UPDATED – November’s Marine Life Talk in Southampton – change of date

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PLEASE NOTE – November’s Marine Life Talk will break from tradition and take place on the second Thursday of the month – 12 November 2015

Evolution, climate and the fossil record: what plankton can tell us – speaker Anieke Brombacher

When we look at fossils, we can see some beautiful examples of how new species appear, evolve and eventually go extinct over time. But we know very little about what causes evolution, because it is such a difficult process to study directly. Most extinct species do not have a lot of fossils, so we get some snapshots of what they could have looked like, but it is much more difficult to tell how and why the species changed.

In her PhD, Anieke studies the evolution of a specific group of plankton called foraminifera, and how that relates to climate change. Foraminifera are perfect to study evolution because their shells are preserved in the sea floor sediment in huge numbers, providing us with incredibly detailed, continuous records of how entire species have evolved over time. By comparing species' evolution and extinctions to environmental variability, we can get new insights in the driving forces behind evolution.

Anieke Brombacher

Anieke is a third-year PhD student in Palaeobiology, and in her project she studies the driving forces behind evolution. After completing her Master's degree at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) Anieke moved to Southampton to work on the evolution of plankton. Her research interests include past climate variability and the interactions between species and their environment.

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