Explore Ocean Science at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

  • The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and other leading UK marine scientists will be at the Summer Science Exhibition, the Royal Society’s annual celebration of cutting-edge science.
  • 14 flagship exhibits, 33 talks, 30 hands-on activities, more than 250 scientists over six days – and free to attend.
  • Explore interactive science exhibits and meet the minds behind groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

The UK National Oceanography Centre in partnership with Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), the Marine Biological Association (MBA) and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) will be bringing ocean science to the Royal Society Summer Science Festival this year, to tell the compelling story of how we are all connected to the ocean, and how ocean warming is changing life on earth.

The Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy, will open its doors for its annual Summer Science Exhibition from 2–7 July 2024 with 14 flagship exhibits exploring the latest advances in science.

“Deep Heat, How a warming Ocean is changing life on earth” tells the story of how we are all connected to the ocean. It regulates our climate by moving heat and fresh water around the planet, and is a primary driver of our weather. The ocean has absorbed 90% of the heat generated by greenhouse gas emissions, and 30% of the carbon dioxide that causes this warming. This has consequences for life in the oceans and life on land.

Through our engaging exhibits, we will be showing how ocean science disciplines are working together to deliver a new understanding of the connectivity between humans and the ocean.

Interact with our giant Puffersphere, get involved in an ocean circulation experiment and come and find out how understanding plankton is key to predicting our future ocean. Learn how scientists are revolutionising our understanding of our oceans and developing new technologies to observe and monitor ocean variables that are critical for climate science.

This free event will welcome members of the public to come and meet our researchers, participate in interactive experiments and learn more about the ocean is changing and how that influences the lives of every one of us.

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