Projects by Research Theme

A Canyon Conundrum: What controls contemporary sediment, carbon and pollutant transport in submarine canyons? *
Challenging the limits of the AMOC’s latitudinal coherence
Deep oceanic convection: A finescale view from marine robots
Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glue on marine snow formation
Impact of tidal mixing on shelf sea dynamics under strong tidal influences *
Is ocean mixing upside down? How mixing processes drive upwelling in a deep-ocean basin
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Novel modern terrestrial analogues for potential life-favouring environments on ancient Mars
Oceanic heat and carbon sinks: The changing role of Global Ocean Mode Waters
Probabilistic assessment of exposure to coastal hazards at nuclear power station development sites in the UK *
Temporal variability of the carbon system across the Atlantic Ocean; causes and implications
The Acid Test: revolutionizing the record of abrupt changes in ocean pH through novel laser analysis of marine microfossils *
The changing freshwater composition of the South Atlantic and Southern Ocean: causes and impacts
The response of the water cycle under elevated temperatures – lessons from the past
The role of ocean circulation in future climate change
The role of stratosphere-troposphere coupling on North Atlantic air-sea interactions *
Time controls on mixing of heat around melting ice in the West Antarctic
Triggers and Feedbacks of Climate Tipping Points
Unravelling southwest Indian Ocean biological productivity and physics: a machine learning approach
Unravelling the environmental interactions of subsea communication cables using Autonomous Robotic Survey Data and Deep Learning *
Untangling the effects of climate change on ice shelf melting in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Where did all the Carbon go? Understanding and predicting carbon inventories in coarse sediments