Projects by Research Theme

A missing link between continental shelves and the deep sea: Have we underestimated the importance of land-detached canyons? *
Antarctic Ice Sheet response to climate forcing
Assessing changes in astronomical tides on global scales
Deep oceanic convection: the outsized role of small-scale processes
Electrochemical sensing of the sea surface microlayer
Explaining process, pattern and dynamics of marine predator hotspots in the Southern Ocean
Is ocean mixing upside down? How mixing processes drive upwelling in a deep-ocean basin
Mechanical effects in the Surf Zone – In situ Electrochemical Sensing
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Microplastics in the Southern Ocean: sources, fate and impacts. *
New high-resolution observations of ocean surface current and winds from innovative airborne and satellite measurements
Ocean circulation and the Southern Ocean carbon sink
Ocean influence on recent climate extremes
Ocean physics and ecology: can robots disentangle the mix?
The Gulf Stream control of the North Atlantic carbon sink
The oceanic fingerprints on changing monsoons over South and Southeast Asia
Time variability on turbulent mixing of heat around melting ice in the West Antarctic
Triggers and Feedbacks of Climate Tipping Points
Unravelling southwest Indian Ocean biological productivity and physics: a machine learning approach
Up, up and away – the fate of upwelled nutrients in an African upwelling system and the biogeochemical and phytoplankton response
Using machine learning to improve predictions of ocean carbon storage by marine life
Will it stick? Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glues on ocean carbon storage