Types of Funding

GSNOCS recruits approximately 40 new students per year. Nearly half of these are funded by research council sources (mostly through various Natural Environmental Research Council awards). A minority of studentships are funded by the University of Southampton, the European Union, industry, national scholarships and other sources.

Funding for UK and EU students


These are NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) offering fully-funded studentships.


The University of Southampton supports (in conjunction with other funders) additional fully-funded studentships.

CASE Awards

These are associated with some projects carried out in collaboration with a non-academic partner. Students get a top-up to their research training support grant (RTSG) of £1000 or £2000 pa.

Funding for Overseas students

Non-UK/EU overseas students comprise over 25% of GSNOCS entry and are funded via a wide variety of international sources.

Ocean and Earth Science International scholarships

There are a limited number of international student scholarships, awarded by GSNOCS, available for highly qualified non-UK/EU applicants to help cover the cost of overseas student fees. Applicants must identify the project(s) in which they are interested and are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant supervisors directly prior to making a formal application.