Projects by Research Theme

Climate Change effects on the developmental physiology of the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula)
Counting the cost of living in modern and fossil animals
Development and evolution of animal biomineral skeletons
Disturbance and recovery of benthic habitats in submarine canyon settings *
Ecological role of offshore artificial structures *
Evolution of symbiosis in a warmer world
Examining the evolutionary loss of calcification in coccolithophores
Explaining process, pattern and dynamics of marine predator hotspots in the Southern Ocean
Fish with friends: The calming effect of group living in social fishes
Hot, acidified and breathless – biomineralisation of deep sea corals in the oceans of the future *
How do calcifying marine organisms grow? Determining the role of non-classical precipitation processes in biogenic marine calcite formation
How well can we predict future changes in biodiversity using machine learning? Experiments in an eco-evolutionary testbed
Illuminating luciferin bioluminescence in dinoflagellates
Impact of pharmaceuticals in the marine environment in a changing world *
Impacts of environmental change on UK coastal ecology for nature based solutions *
Long-term change in the benthos – creating robust data from varying camera systems *
Mapping Fishing Industry Response to Shocks: Learning Lessons to Enhance Marine Resource Resilience *
Marine ecosystem responses to past climate change and its oceanographic impacts
Miniaturisation in fishes: evolutionary and ecological perspectives
New perspectives on ocean photosynthesis
Ocean physics and ecology: can robots disentangle the mix?
The role of iron in nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis in changing polar oceans
Understanding the role of cell motility in resource acquisition by marine phytoplankton
Unraveling oceanic multi-element cycles using single cell ionomics *
Up, up and away – the fate of upwelled nutrients in an African upwelling system and the biogeochemical and phytoplankton response
Using machine learning to improve predictions of ocean carbon storage by marine life
Will it stick? Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glues on ocean carbon storage