Projects by Research Theme

Adaptation mechanisms of globally successful cyanobacteria *
Associations between baleen whales and their prey in the northern Scotia Arc
Behavioural impact of environmental pollutants and parasites in gammarid amphipods
Biodiversity of macrobenthic Mollusca in the deep Atlantic, with special reference to the Southern Ocean
Determining and Mitigating the toxic effect of lithium-ion batteries in the marine environment
Developing a microfluidic system for population level 3D, high-resolution imaging of nano- and microplankton
Dissecting the microbial foodweb: determining the influence of phytoplankton derived organic matter substrates on bacterial growth efficiency
Effective monitoring of deep-sea fauna using towed cameras *
Examining the evolutionary loss of calcification in coccolithophores
Explaining process, pattern and dynamics of marine predator hotspots in the Southern Ocean
Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glue on marine snow formation
How well can we predict future changes in biodiversity using machine learning? Experiments in an eco-evolutionary testbed
How will microplastics affect marine copepods and their contributions to global biogeochemical cycles?
Impacts of environmental change on UK coastal ecology for nature based solutions
Interaction between gelatinous zooplankton and microplastics in the Southern Ocean
Marine Soundscapes – finding and communicating biological signals within acoustic data collected by autonomous vehicles
Scale dependency of benthic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Size matters: how does microplastic and nanoplastic size influence their abundance and toxicity in the aquatic environment?
Temporal variability of the carbon system across the Atlantic Ocean; causes and implications
Thermal sensitivity of field metabolic rates of marine fishes across global latitude gradients
Unravelling oceanic multi-element cycles using single cell ionomics
Unravelling the environmental interactions of subsea communication cables using Autonomous Robotic Survey Data and Deep Learning *
What does it take to survive in the future ocean? A comparative study on the adaptive potential of fish to ocean acidification *