Projects by Research Theme

Acoustic monitoring of forest exploitation to establish community perspectives of sustainable hunting
Antibiotic resistance genes in chalk streams
Climate at the time of the Human settlement of the Eastern Pacific
Climate Change effects on the developmental physiology of the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula)
Compatibility of climate and biodiversity targets under future land use change
Counting the cost of living in modern and fossil animals
Developing a practical application of unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for conservation research and monitoring of endangered wildlife. *
Disturbance and recovery of benthic habitats in submarine canyon settings *
Drones Against Climate Change (DACC): improving the estimate of forest fire smoke emissions *
Ecological role of offshore artificial structures *
Environmental and genetic determinants of Brassica crop damage by the agricultural pest Diamondback moth *
Estimating marine mammal abundance and distribution from passive acoustic and biotelemetry data
Explaining process, pattern and dynamics of marine predator hotspots in the Southern Ocean
Exploring Dynamics of Natural Capital in Coastal barrier Systems *
Facilitating forest restoration to improve sustainability of tropical swidden agriculture.
Fish with friends: The calming effect of group living in social fishes
How well can we predict future changes in biodiversity using machine learning? Experiments in an eco-evolutionary testbed
Impact of pharmaceuticals in the marine environment in a changing world *
Impacts of environmental change on UK coastal ecology for nature based solutions *
Long-term change in the benthos – creating robust data from varying camera systems *
Marine ecosystem responses to past climate change and its oceanographic impacts
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Miniaturisation in fishes: evolutionary and ecological perspectives
Modelling the evolution of adaptive responses to climate change across spatial landscapes
New perspectives on ocean photosynthesis
Quantifying the response and sensitivity of tropical forest carbon sinks to various drivers
Understanding recent land-use change in Snowdonia to plan a sustainable future for uplands: integrating palaeoecology and conservation practice
Unpicking the Anthropocene in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Unravelling southwest Indian Ocean biological productivity and physics: a machine learning approach