Projects by Research Theme

A Mediterranean Sea in the middle of unprecedented climate change
Antarctic Ice Sheet response to climate forcing
Assessing changes in astronomical tides on global scales *
Assessing sedimentary Blue Carbon to inform marine management *
Beyond species on the move: characterising Southern Ocean bioregions and communities under present and future climates
Contrasting peatland carbon dynamics in Britain and Newfoundland *
Effect of microplastics on methane-cycling in marine sediments
Evolution of symbiosis in a warming world
How can we best observe and analyse Antarctica's coldest water masses?
How climate change is causing global ocean biogeochemistry to adapt.
How do South Atlantic westerly wind shifts impact peatland carbon accumulation? *
Impacts of Climate Extremes on European Forest Ecosystems
Impacts of marine heatwaves on coastal ecosystem structure and function
Interconnections of past greenhouse climates: lessons for the future
Investigation of plant auditory response to physical and chemical hazards
It’s getting hot, sour and breathless – impacts of climate change on carbon(ate) fixation by foraminifera
Keeping up with ocean change: Using robots to push the envelope in ocean carbon observing *
Mapping the biological pump: ocean carbon storage from space to seafloor
Ocean deoxygenation and marine biodiversity in warm ancient climates
Ocean physics and ecology: can robots disentangle the mix?
Optimizing fire monitoring and fire emissions estimation using the ultra-high temporal resolution Meteosat Third Generation
Physical and biogeochemical responses to Antarctic sea ice loss: what are the implications for ocean carbon uptake? *
Polar amplification of climate change in the past and future
Predicting future shark habitats and distributions under climate change
Resolving Antarctic meltwater events in marine sediments and exploring their significance using climate models
Seismo-acoustic properties of sea-ice and applications to climate monitoring.
Soil biophysical interactions in a changing climate and land use
Soil biophysical interactions in a changing climate and land use
Subglacial hydrology and climate change
Synchronous Circumpolar Cross-Slope Exchanges Modulating Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting
The Acid Test – high-resolution records of climate change across the PETM and other hyperthermals
The role of Antarctic sea ice in configuring the global ocean
The role of Greenland currents in mediating the interaction between the Greenland Ice Sheet and the North Atlantic
Tracking nutrient and metal exchange during Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement *
Tracking the fate of natural and geoengineered ocean carbon sequestration
Understanding phytoplankton metabolism by single cell sequencing
Understanding the impact of drought on global electricity production and implications for meeting climate policy targets
Understanding variability in Earth’s climate and magnetic field using new archives from the Iberian Margin
Up, up and away – the fate of upwelled nutrients in an African upwelling system and the biogeochemical and phytoplankton responses
Will Earth’s warming climate shift to a “permanent El-Niño” state?