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Cruise JC071 – Consolidation day – 4 May 2012

Sensors strapped to CTD

Today has been a long consolidation day.

Late last night an amphipod trap was deployed, ant that will be recovered later this evening so I will get some pictures then maybe.

Cruise JC071 – Megacorers and plankton nets

Megacorer recovery

So far we have had remarkably benevolent weather and yesterday I caught the sun a little as I was on deck filming most of the day, so today I started by putting sun screen on! It has been needed too as I have spent a good deal of today on deck filming.

Cruise JC071 – launching PELAGRA buoys

Launching a PELAGRA buoy

After the actual recovery of the mooring buoy and then the sensor frame, the long job of recovering the 4km of rope began and didn't finish until late in the evening. It was not until 22:30 that three PELAGRA buoys could be deployed on a trial mission.

Cruise JC071 – PAP mooring recovery – evening blog

Recovered buoy, replacement buoy on the right

Today has been full of events. The CTD this morning, and then the recovery of the PAP mooring.

Cruise JC071 – CTD recovery

CTD recovery

We were all disappointed that the weather did not allow the recovery or the CTD to go ahead yesterday, but today the weather is definitely improving and the first CTD which will go to 4000m was put in the water just after 6am.

Cruise JC071 – lifeboat drill

Arriving at the PAP site

We had lifeboat drill yesterday afternoon, and as a newbie I paid particular attention. I made my way to the muster station through one of the water tight doors, as I would should some emergency require it.

Cruise JC071 – starting out

Starting out

Cruise JC071 has really started for the RRS James Cook; the pilot has just left the ship, close to three hours since we left Berth S at Avonmouth Docks.

Cruise JC071 – preparations and procedures

CTD – conductivity, temperature and depth instrument

Today is a day for final preparations and practice procedures while the PSO finalises the work plans to ensure the various groups of scientists and technicians will get the samples they need at the times they need them.