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Okeanos Explorer expedition to the Mid-Cayman Rise

Sciences watch live video from the Mid-Cayman Rise

Scientists of the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have been exploring the depths of the Cayman Trough without leaving Southampton, thanks to a ‘telepresence’ link from a US ship in the Caribbean.

PhD scientist to receive Micropalaeontological Society award for outstanding research

Dr Clara Bolton

Clara Bolton, a recent PhD student at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, has been selected by The Micropalaeontological Society to receive the Charles Downie Award for 2011.

More deep-sea vents discovered

One of the newly discovered vents

Scientists aboard the Royal Research Ship James Cook have discovered a new set of deep-sea volcanic vents in the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean. The discovery is the fourth made by the research team in three years, which suggests that deep-sea vents may be more common in our oceans than previously thought.

Scientists present latest research on climate change

Professor Sir David King

On Thursday 10 February, former Government Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Sir David King, and ITN’s Health and Science Editor, Lawrence McGinty, will be joined by the UK’s leading scientists to discuss the latest research on climate change.