marine conservation

Deep-sea biodiversity and coral reefs influenced by ‘hidden’ waves within the ocean

A cold-water coral reef of Desmophyllum pertusum at ca. 750 m water depth.

New research from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) shows that biodiversity and cold-water coral presence in deep-sea canyons are linked to elevated current speeds and canyon topography. The study also shows that excluding information about deep-sea currents and waves from predictive models could lead to misjudgement of coral distributions.

UK’s oldest deep-water Marine Protected Area successfully protects coral reefs

Healthy cold-water coral colonies in the Darwin Mounds MPA

A unique study recently published by scientists from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and University College Cork shows that deep, cold-water corals are very slow to recover from damage. Therefore deep-water Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) protect vulnerable marine ecosystems most effectively when they are put in place before that damage occurs.

Update on Project Shearwater

A ‘Menorcan’ Shearwater at La Mola, Menorca (photo: Russell Wynn)

Researchers have reported on a project that aims to help with the conservation of a critically endangered European seabird.

Experts set to revamp World Amphipoda Database

Ericthonius tolli

Thirty amphipod experts have been lined up to improve and update the information held in the World Amphipoda database. The aim is to equip the myriad of end-users with the tools and information to identify and differentiate between amphipod species.

Showcasing NERC’s marine renewable energy expertise


The National Oceanography Centre will be showcasing Natural Environment Research Council’s expertise in marine renewable energy at a key conference at Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands from 1 May.

New Technologies for a Blue Future

Marine Board Forum highlights Innovation hotspots for the European marine sector.

Call for greater protection

Professor Phil Weaver

A call for the creation of larger designated areas for marine protection is the basis of a comment article in the latest edition of the science journal, Nature.