Cruise JC071 – starting out

Starting out

Cruise JC071 has really started for the RRS James Cook; the pilot has just left the ship, close to three hours since we left Berth S at Avonmouth Docks.

As the weather forecast is for rough weather the 21 scientists and technicians led by Richard Lampitt, spent this morning ensuring all the equipment and boxes brought onto the ship in the past few days are tied down. The prospect of bad conditions ensured that we all paid particular attention to the safety and orientation talk yesterday. It is clear already that a special camaraderie quickly develops when your lives may literally depend on each other.

There has been intense activity so far as the process of setting up the equipment was started, but now there will be the finalising of preparations and detailed planning as we steam 54 hours (weather permitting) to reach the PAP site.

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