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5 March – UK Nitrogen Fixation-GEOTRACES Expedition 2011

The ISW microstructure profiler

Alex Forryan – Discovery 361 – 03.10°S, 25.10°W

Turbulence measurements: On RSS Discovery cruise D361 turbulence in the upper ocean is being measured at every station using an ISW free-fall vertical microstructure profiler.

Global sea-level rise at the end of the last Ice Age

Coastal erosion in portugal (image: E. Rohling)

Southampton researchers have estimated that sea-level rose by an average of about 1 metre per century at the end of the last Ice Age, interrupted by rapid ‘jumps’ during which it rose by up to 2.5 metres per century.

RRS Discovery expedition to trace South Atlantic’s vital nutrients

The RRS Discovery at sea (credit: Leighton Rolley)

RRS Discovery sets sail for the South Atlantic on 17 October to investigate the metals vital to marine life. These metal micronutrients act as fertilizers in the ocean affecting global climate and in turn, societies and economies around the world.

Geoscientists explain differences between large Sumatran earthquakes

Geophysical equipment (‘airguns’) being deployed

University of Southampton scientists based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, along with US and Indonesian collaborators have uncovered clues as to why some undersea earthquakes generate huge tsunamis. Their findings may help explain why the 2004 Sumatra ‘Boxing Day Tsunami’ was so devastating.