New report predicts UK oceans to warm by more than three degrees by 2100

Projected annual mean Sea Surface Temperature change between 2000–2019 and 2079–98.
  • The last 40 years have seen temperatures in UK seas rise by more than a degree.
  • UK seas are predicted to warm by more than three degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • Large increase in marine heat waves can have profound effects on global marine ecosystems.

New report paves way for future environmental digital twins

A new report outlines key recommendations needed for future environmental Digital Twins if they are to fulfil their potential to be a step-change in the way we understand our evolving environment.

New report outlines how UK oceanographic capability must transition to become net zero by 2040

Findings from a new review into the future of oceanographic research infrastructure have revealed the significant changes that must be made to enable the UK to deliver a Net Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC).

New report highlights national importance of Highlands and Islands’ marine resource

The NOC has contributed to a new report titled ‘Maximising the Marine Economy in the Highlands and Islands’ (MAXiMAR).

The Highlands and Islands has enormous potential in developing the marine economy according to the new study which focuses on supporting the growth of aquaculture, energy and marine biotechnology, which are the most highly innovative sectors.

Venus flytraps of the sea – Study reveals predatory habits of phytoplankton

Prof Mikhail Zubkov (left)

A new study led by the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton has gone some way towards solving one of the biggest questions in marine ecology: how does life exist in a blue desert – the largest habitat on Earth.