seas under threat

Shelf seas subject of science meeting in Liverpool

Graphic depicting the shelf sea in relation to the land and the deep ocean

Last week, researchers convened in Liverpool to discuss a science programme investigating the shelf seas fringing the UK and Europe.

Call for greater protection

Professor Phil Weaver

A call for the creation of larger designated areas for marine protection is the basis of a comment article in the latest edition of the science journal, Nature.

Human impacts on the marine ecosystems of Antarctica

Seastars and giant ribbon worms at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 32 metre depth (photo by R. B. Aronson)

A team of scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States has warned that the  native fauna and unique ecology of the Southern Ocean, the vast body of water that surrounds the Antarctic continent, is under threat from human activity. Their study is published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.