NOC Marine Technology Seminar: ecoSUB is here!

Friday 17 February 2017 - 10:30
Other venue (see below for details).
Other Venue: 
Innovation Centre Hub - W2/40
Alex Phillips (NOC) and Iain Vincent (Planet Ocean Ltd)

The next NOC Marine Technology seminar is scheduled for 1030 hrs on 17 Feb 2017 in the Innovation Centre. Come along for a doughnut and to hear about our new ecoSUB project, which should be a great talk. Details below.


1030-1045: Informal discussion (and doughnuts!)

1045-1115: EcoSub - Alex Phillips (NOC) and Iain Vincent (Planet Ocean Ltd)


Find out more about one of the best kept secrets in the NOC… 

ecoSUB is a new range of small, low cost AUVs designed by a team of MARS and Planet Ocean engineers. The multi-disciplinary team have worked together over the last two years, in almost complete secret, finally showcasing the new vehicles during last year’s MATS event at NOC. The project has led to a new company being spun out: ecoSUB Robotics Limited.  

Alex Phillips (NOC), Technical Lead on the project will be joined by Iain Vincent (Planet Ocean/ecoSUB Robotics) to share more information about the development of this innovative technology and potential application areas for science users.

We hope this session will be of particular interest to those involved in the development of systems and sensors, and also potential science users who may find the accessibility of AUV technology has significantly increased. 


The Innovation Centre can be reached via the workshops/stores corridor on the ground floor, and a sign to the Hub is about 100 m down that corridor on the right. Go up the stairs and through the door and turn right. Note that the access door to the Innovation Centre Hub is security-locked, but we will ensure it is monitored so attendees can be let in promptly.

We only have seating capacity of about 30 in the Innovation Centre Hub, so be aware that if we exceed this it will be standing room only. There will be opportunities for informal discussions in the Innovation Centre Hub before and after the talks.

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Marine Technology