Virtual Seminars, Coastal Hazard Modelling from the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Wednesday 10 June 2020 - 14:00
Virtual / VC
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Dr Li Erikson (USGS)

Grab a mug of tea or coffee and join us for our first international virtual NOC seminar.


Our theme for today will focus on coastal storm modelling at the U.S. Geological Survey. Li Erikson is an engineer at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center (USGS) will talk about “Coastal Hazard Modelling”.

Li is an oceanographer working on the Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS), which makes detailed predictions of storm-induced coastal flooding, erosion, and cliff failures over large geographic scales. CoSMoS was developed for hindcast studies, operational applications and future climate scenarios to provide emergency responders and coastal planners with critical storm-hazards information that can be used to increase public safety, mitigate physical damages, and more effectively manage and allocate resources within complex coastal settings.

Projections of multiple storm scenarios (daily conditions, annual storm, 20-year- and 100-year-return intervals) are provided under a suite of sea-level rise scenarios ranging from 0 to 2 meters (0 to 6.6 feet), along with an extreme 5-meter (16-foot) scenario. This allows users to manage and meet their own planning horizons and specify degrees of risk tolerance.

The talk will last 45 mins with 15 mins for discussion afterwards you can join by smart phone or computer by clicking the link, Please turn off your video and mute your microphone once you’ve joined. Li will screen share her presentation and you’ll be invited to unmute and ask questions after the presentation. You can also use the chat to ask questions as we go along, they will be picked up during the discussion.


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