NOC Virtual Seminars, “Horizon scanning tools for policy use”

Wednesday 9 September 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00
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Dr Kenisha Garnett (Cranfield University)

Grab a tea or coffee and listen in to our virtual seminar.

Our theme for today will focus on Strategic Foresight with applications to Environmental Management. We will have a 45 min talk from Kenisha Garnett (Cranfield University) followed by 15 mins of discussion.

Kenisha is a Lecturer in Decision Science (Strategic Foresight) in the Centre for Environment and Agricultural Informatics. Her current research is developing foresight methodologies that link evidence-based strategic risk with value judgements to assess the resilience and robustness of environment and food policies and strategies for policy actors, largely in the UK and EU. Kenisha’s research is combining scientific data with expert knowledge to inform futures analyses, using outputs to communicate future challenges and opportunities to policy makers. She has led the development of medium and large future scenarios projects and has delivered horizon scanning research programmes to major pan-governmental partnerships, including the UK Futures Partnership, led by Defra (2011-2014) and the Environment Knowledge Community, convened by the EC to improve the way environmental knowledge is generated and shared for policy use (2018-2023).

Today she’ll be talking about her current foresight work, reflecting on efforts to integrate horizon scanning with risk prioritisation approaches and other forms of validation (e.g. scientific committee review) to better connect emerging issues to the political discourse on environmental issues. The presentation will include:

  • Brief introduction to horizon scanning, its role/purpose in decision-making
  • Bespoke horizon scanning tools/techniques (see LIFE SMART Waste Project Horizon scanning toolkit)
  • Lessons from pan-governmental horizon scanning programmes designed for policy use (e.g. UK, EU)

You can join by smart phone or computer by clicking the link, Please turn off your video and mute your microphone once you’ve joined. Kenisha will screen share her presentation and you’ll be invited to unmute and ask questions after the presentation or you can use the chat facility throughout.

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