The National Centre for Earth Observation, climate data sets and satellite missions for the ocean (*note unusual start time*)

Friday 18 March 2016 - 14:00 to 15:00
NOC Southampton - Henry Charnock Lecture Theatre (Waterfront Campus).
Prof John Remedios (University of Leicester)

The National Centre for Earth Observation  provides the UK with core expertise in developing mathematical and physical methods to interpret Earth Observation data, to assimilate data into and improve models, and to diagnose long-term change in the global Earth system. NCEO scientists work strategically with space agencies, play significant roles in mission planning, and generate internationally-recognised data products from over twenty different satellite instruments. Many of these activities are on behalf of and in collaboration with other NERC centres and the wider academic environmental science community in the UK. An overview of NCEO will be presented in the seminar.
A particular activity in NCEO at the current time is in the exploitation of high quality climate data sets in model evaluation, such as for the UK Earth System Model, as well as direct uses for providing an observed state of the Earth. This seminar will focus on particular climate data sets, including ocean parameters, and provide some illumination of the current state-of-the-art. Future missions for ocean observations will be reviewed in the context of climate and of ocean observations for research science. Finally, some elements of a strategy for UK Earth Observation for the ocean will be presented.

Seminar category: 
Earth and Ocean Science seminars