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I work on the global carbon and freshwater cycles, and the dynamics and biogeochemical processes affecting them over multiple timescales, from hour-to-hour to multiple centuries. I'm involved in the observational analysis of the inorganic carbon system, transient tracers and oxygen and carbon isotopes to quantify the variability of the air-sea flux of natural, modern and anthropogenic carbon and their ventilation timescales; their accumulation, storage and transport in the water column in shelf seas and the open ocean; and their temporal variability in relation to ocean circulation and the oceanic uptake and storage of heat.

I am currently leading the Ocean Carbon work-package of the CLASS (Climate-Linked Atlantic Sector Science) National Capability programme at NOC. I am part of the ABC (Atlantic Biogeochemical) Fluxes project that has added biogeochemical sensors / samplers to the RAPID mooring array, the TICTOC programme that is using transient tracers to derive ocean heat uptake, and also the ORCHESTRA, SONATA and CUSTARD projects, that together investigate the strength, variability and controls of carbon and heat uptake in the Southern Ocean. I am also part of the EU H2020 COMFORT programme investigating safe operating spaces and tipping points associated with the climate system. I previously worked within the ANDREX project that quantified freshwater and carbon budgets and the formation and ventilation of dense waters in the Weddell Gyre, and the RAGNARRoCC project examining the drivers and magnitude of the North Atlantic anthropogenic carbon sink.


RRS James Cook and Rescue Boat CTD Water Sampling Aft Deck of RRS Discovery during RAPID cruise DY039

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