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The jet stream is moving northwards… but not everywhere

The jet stream over the North Atlantic and UK. Image Credit: Crondallweather

New research led by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the Maynooth University ICARUS Climate Research Centre in Ireland shows that the average winter northern hemisphere jet stream position over the North Atlantic and Eurasia has moved northwards by up to 330km.

Increasing hurricane intensity around Bermuda linked to rising ocean temperatures

A satellite image of Hurricane Humberto, west of Bermuda, U.S., September 17, 2019. Photo courtesy: NOAA/Handout via Reuters

New research shows that hurricane intensity in the subtropical Atlantic around Bermuda has more than doubled over the last 60 years due to rising ocean temperatures in the region.

Hurricanes intensify by extracting energy from the warm ocean surface via air-sea heat fluxes, so a warmer ocean can lead to more intense hurricanes.