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Leader of Shelf and Coastal Impacts
Marine Systems Modelling
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Dr Bricheno in a coastal oceanographer with more than 20 years’ experience in modelling surface waves and shelf-sea processes. Using spectral wave models, unstructured meshes, and coupled technologies to investigate coastal impacts of climate change. Lucy led the NOC’s involvement in ‘UK Climate Predictions 2018’ and contributed projections of future global wave climate, to the international coordinated wave climate project (COWCLIP) published in Nature Climate Change. She is work-package lead for ocean-wave-atmosphere coupling as part of ‘UK Environmental Prediction’ initiative in collaboration with the UK Met Office, and has developed wave-ocean-atmosphere coupled models under the European FP7 project Field_AC. With a special interest in international capacity building, she provides practical advice and develops modelling products targeted to end-users. Lucy leads work downscaling climate models to make long-term predictions of future flood risk from waves and storm surges in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean seas. She studies land-sea interactions such as flooding and salt-intrusion, using unstructured modelling around the UK and China, and developed a new FVCOM model for Bangladesh. In parallel she is also working to harmonise novel observations with model products, through a synthesis of numerical wave and hydrodynamic models with satellite observations and shore-based radar. Lucy has published over 30 peer reviewed journal articles, including projections of future global wave climate, published in Nature Climate Change in 2020.


  • Climate impacts on the coastal ocean. Model downscaling, and coupling Improved forecasting, flood risk, changing wave and surge climate, water security and salinisation.
  • Experienced with numerous models both structured and unstructured; atmosphere, ocean and spectral wave modelling; multi-core, linux, supercomputing; model development and implementation, pre- and post-processing;

Challenger Special Interest Group on waves

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