Tide times vital for marathon swim

Chris Shaw

NOC is supporting an ultra-marathon swim of 50km to raise funds for a Wirral mental health charity.

Chris Shaw, the CEO of Advocacy in Wirral Health is planning to swim 50km from the East coast of Wirral to Colwyn Bay and Hilbre Island this summer to raise awareness and funds for APEx, Advocating Physical EXercise.

Colin Bell of the Marine Data Products team, NOC has provided a range of dates and times when Chris will be swimming with the tide rather than against it.

“We provided a range of scenarios for neap, spring and regular tides. If Chris leaves at 5am on the 19 July he will be swimming with the tide. If he were to leave at midday he’d be swimming against the tide for the whole 12 hours.”

The team has produced a report mapping hourly tidal flow vectors along the Welsh coast for the proposed dates to assist with the safe planning of the local event.

Advocating Physical EXercise supports people to maintain good mental health by providing a wide range of activities that will help them keep their bodies in good shape.

Chris Shaw, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday said, ‘You are never too old for physical exercise and the longer you keep physically active, the greater your chance of enjoying a longer, healthier life.’