Marine monitoring to help protect lives at sea


In order to save lives at sea, the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is joining six research organisations to provide a world-class marine monitoring and forecasting service, which could be used to improve marine rescue operations.

Cutting-edge ocean modelling will help to predict the UK’s weather

Nemo model: North Atlantic sea surface temperature, showing the eddies produced by the separated Gulf Stream

After last winter’s storms and flooding, 2012’s great winter freeze and a July heatwave this year, it seems to many of us that our Great British weather is becoming ever more extreme and increasingly difficult to predict.

Tide times vital for marathon swim

Chris Shaw

NOC is supporting an ultra-marathon swim of 50km to raise funds for a Wirral mental health charity.

Chris Shaw, the CEO of Advocacy in Wirral Health is planning to swim 50km from the East coast of Wirral to Colwyn Bay and Hilbre Island this summer to raise awareness and funds for APEx, Advocating Physical EXercise.