Successful Ocean & Earth Day

Ocean and Earth Day

The enormously exciting Ocean and Earth Day took place at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (via Dock Gate 4) on 20 March 2010.

The recent years have shown ample evidence of the power and awe of the Earth and nearly 2,500 people came to learn about the wonders and how we work in such difficult areas.

The oceans continue to surprise and amaze us, as we visit the mysterious world miles below the surface searching the 90% of ocean still unexplored and encounter the hundreds of new species discovered every year.

Similarly the geologist and geophysicists are understanding the rocks beneath us and unearthing their secrets.

Visitors were able to see examples of the technology needed to explore at the edge of mans’ ability and access the depths and hostile environments and to learn more about the role oceans play in the Earth’s climate, the impact of mankind on their delicate ecosystems, and the challenges of exploring this often inhospitable environment and its geology through world leading research and engineering.

There was a chance to visit the aquarium, operate an underwater vehicle, take a close look at fossils and sealife, listen to short informative talks and take part in a range of exciting hands-on activities. There was even chance to visit a working research vessel – RV Callista.

The centre’s cafeteria, with superb views across the working port, was open throughout the event for refreshments.

Visitors who walked, cycled or used public transport were entered into a free prize draw.