School aboard the Royal Research Ship

Glitter and Sand, explaining the science of seas at NOC Open Day 2016

Winners of a nationwide children’s art competition, launched online by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) today, will give a school class the unique opportunity to explore a Royal Research Ship.

Once on board the ship, which is equivalent in volume to 185 double decker buses, the children will tour the main decks and laboratories, be able to dress up as the ship’s crew, and sit in the captain’s chair on the bridge.

By asking children to transform science statements into pieces of art, the NOC is hoping not only to ignite the creativity of children and teachers but inspire working scientists and engineers across the globe too. NOC staff, as well as several hundred international industry and business leaders visiting for conferences, will see the top ten pieces displayed in the NOC Southampton for a six month ‘sci-art’ exhibition.

The competition is open to two age groups:
8 – 12 Years Old: Coast, Ocean and Beach
12 – 16 Years Old: Deep Ocean and Technology

The 8-12 year olds are asked what the ocean, beach and coast mean to them after hearing the following statement from NOC scientist Joanne Williams, “We normally see the sea as just a wet boundary to the interesting land, many have no concept of the variation of the ocean. Take a moment to think of maps with details of ocean currents and blank land instead – the land is a dry border to the interesting bit!”

The NOC’s Executive Director Ed Hill is often quoted saying, “We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our Ocean but we are starting to explore every part of it and understand it more.” Ed is asking 12-16 year olds to think about this statement and question where the next 20 years might lead us, in terms of how we sustain, explore, inhabit and protect our ocean.

Both statements can be interpreted through a collage, poster, picture or diorama using any mediums the children wish, as long as it is no larger than an A0 piece of paper. For details of the full tasks and competition rules please visit our website. The deadline for entries is 30 September 2016.

As the societal challenges from climate change and changing seas rise in urgency, the NOC has committed to engaging young hearts and minds through new programmes of outreach and education. This competition is just one exciting opportunity aimed to inspire the next generation of marine scientists and engineers. Sign up to receive our e-bulletins for more information.

Event dates: 
Thursday 13 October 2016 - 14:45