Ocean & Earth Day 2015

A visitor to Ocean & Earth Day 2014

The oceans are the key to the long-term health of our beautiful blue planet. They continue to surprise and amaze us as we visit this mysterious realm from coast to deep ocean.

So little of the ocean has been explored that we encounter hundreds of new species every year, opening up new opportunities to understand this dynamic and fragile environment. Our geologists and geophysicists are unearthing the secrets of the Earth’s oceans and climate, and this is your golden opportunity to find out more of the exciting work undertaken and enjoy a hands on experience with members of our scientific and engineering teams.

Each year our visitors leave us with beaming smiles and a greater understanding of the role of the oceans in our lives. Visitors can see examples of the technology needed to explore at the edge of humankind’s ability, how we access the depths and hostile environments of the oceans and to learn more about the important role they play in the Earth’s climate.

Visit our aquarium displays, operate an underwater vehicle, take a close look at fossils and sea life, watch short informative talks and take part in a range of exciting hands-on activities.

A superb day for all of the family which is free to visit.

Saturday, 25 April 2015
10.30 am – 4.00 pm (last entries 3.30pm)

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