NOC #oceanrobots

UK Robotics Week

New and innovative marine autonomous and robotic vehicles being developed at the NOC are pushing the limits on how we can explore our oceans. With capabilities allowing us to reach new depths, travel under ice and collect data in some of the most environmentally hostile environments, #oceanrobots are the future of marine science.

With so many questions about the physical, chemical and biological processes in our oceans, these vehicles could help provide the data to the answer the big questions facing our Earth.

National Marine Equipment Pool

Read more on our marine autonomous and robotic vehicles that the NOC operate as part of the National Marine Equipment Pool.

Oceanids Programme

Read more on the new #oceanrobots that are being developed by NOC as part of the Oceanids programme.

Robotics and Business

The NOC has a wealth of experience collaborating with companies across a range of industries, working on the creation and advancement of new technologies to aid the development of marine robotic and autonomous systems. Working with partners in the Innovation Centre, take a look at the projects that the NOC is currently working on.

Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems News