NERC promote Respect at Sea with the launch of new training video

Creating an even more inclusive workplace culture is an ongoing priority for marine science institutions worldwide.

Given the unique working environment of research ships and the potential to be at sea for weeks or even months, it is essential to promote positive values that instil respect for their colleagues.

The chance to go to sea and undertake ocean science and research is a unique experience and unparallel to many institutions. To galvanise inclusive culture onboard research ships, NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) has launched a thought-provoking training video designed to empower ocean researchers and remind them of their responsibility to respect colleagues and promote inclusion.

The video is the latest element of NERC’s ED&I (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) commitments and features oceanographers and marine engineers who share their joy of going to sea and calls for colleagues to treat each other with respect.

Commenting on the production of the training video Professor Shelia Heymans, Executive Director of the European Marine Board said, “Every person, regardless of who they are or where they come from, deserves to be treated with respect, when working at sea or in any other setting. It has been a real pleasure to work with NOC and other international partners to highlight this message”.

Professor Ed Hill, Chief Executive of the NOC, added, “Investigating the vast and rapidly changing ocean is one of the great challenges of our age which needs the diverse talents of many people from different backgrounds to make it possible and to engage with diverse communities about the inspiration and important of the sea in all our lives. That is why I am proud of the work done in bringing together many voices in this video to emphasise the importance of mutual respect for others especially whilst working at sea – what is OK and what is not OK. I trust with timely and important reminders brilliantly delivered and drawing on real experiences will bring home to all that we will only succeed in our work with respect and understanding, that destructive behaviours are not acceptable, and the high standards of behaviour are as important, if not more so, at sea as anywhere else.”


NERC has made the video available for all maritime institutions to use as part of their onboarding training for those setting sail.

View the Respect at Sea training video on our NOCNEWS YouTube channel.