National Oceanography Centre Open Day 2016

National Oceanography Centre Open Day 2016

Saturday 21 May 2016
10.30 am - 4.00 pm (last entry 3.30 pm)

For one day of the year the centre opens it's doors to the public, giving a unique view into the ground breaking science and engineering undertaken on this special site.

The aim of the day is to showcase the amazing work undertaken by the National Oceanography Centre and University of Southampton, giving all visitors a unigue glimpse of the world class science from all aspects.

A few of the Zones at the event will be:

  • Marine Engineering and Robots Zone
  • Unmanned Technology, Ocean Exploration and Working Under Pressure Zone
  • Environmental Science and Research Zone
  • The Discovery Collection Zone
  • Marine Physics, Satelite Oceanography, Atmosperic Modelling and Quiz Zone
  • Ocean Modelling Zone
  • Talk and Film Zone
  • Royal Research Ship Zone
  • Coastal to Deep Ocean Zone
  • NOC Shop

New exhibits for 2016

2016 will see new exhibits from some of the other Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) centres from across the UK:

  • The National Centre Centre for Atmospheric Science, (NCAS) will bring along their Research Airplane Simulator a scaled section of the ‘Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM)’. The FAAM BAe-146 this exciting exhibits allows visitors to experience the science of the air.
  • The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) will exhibit ‘How to take the Earths Temperature from Space’ demonstrating how light can be used to measure the temperature of objects. Watch your body disappear or come along and take part in some thermal IR painting. See how these techniques can be used to measure the temperature of the Earth from space.
  • British Geological Survey (BGS) will showcase the &lqsuo;UK Schools Seismology Project’ where they monitor, detect and record earthquakes. Participants will use a wobble board connected to three distant ‘seismometers’, via slinkies, to help explain how the different travel times help us locate an earthquake.
  • British Antartic Survey (BAS) will show a short film of the New Polar Ship RRS Sir David Attenborough, a unique film outlining the construction and design of the soon to be built research vessel.


‘In Conversation with...’ is our series of expert talks and presentations covering:

  • 11.15 “How to predict the ocean and why bother” Dr Jason Holt
  • 12.00 “Sink or Swim – what makes things sink in the ocean” Prof Richard Sanders
  • 12.45 “Ocean Literacy and Incredible Oceans” Russell Arnott (from Whalefest)
  • 13.30 “Global Sea level rise and coastal extremes: science for a safer future” Prof Kevin Horsburgh
  • 14.00 “The Collections of Discovery” Dr Tammy Horton
  • 14.45 “Sentinels of the Sea: the silent watchers of Global Warming” Dr Brian King
  • 15.15 “Ocean Literacy and Incredible Oceans” Russell Arnott (from Whalefest)

There will also be talks provided by Dr Katya Popova in out Ocean Modelling Zone and Dr Veerle Huvenne covering the amazing CODEMAP project in our Marine Engineering and Robots Zone.

Schools Competition

You could win a very special opportunity for your school to board a Royal Research Ship when in dock later in the year and meet the crew as well as have an exclusive tour of the facilities on board including the captain’s chair!

Booking Information

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National Oceanography Centre Open Day 2016 is a collaborative event between the NOC and ‘Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton’.

Car parking will be available at the NOC on a first come first serve basis. A free unilink bus has been arranged to collect and return visitors from the Ocean Village Multi-storey car park.

Event dates: 
Saturday 21 May 2016 - 10:00 to 16:30