Apply now for exceptional research opportunity

PAP site Met Office buoy (image: Jon Campbell)

All scientists and developers of marine technology who would like to carry out research or trial new or existing prototypes at open ocean observatories, with full financial and logistical support, must act fast in order to apply for this extraordinary opportunity.

The Fixed-point Open Ocean Observatory (FixO3) project, coordinated by NOC, is inviting all interested individuals and groups involved in scientific marine research and developing offshore and subsea technology, to take advantage of this incredible opportunity by submitting applications between 16 June and 31 July.

The FixO3 project integrates European open ocean fixed-point observatories for multidisciplinary observations such as atmosphere-ocean interactions at the sea surface, processes in the water column and ocean floor by using moorings from the surface of the sea to the deep seafloor.

This opportunity of ‘Transnational Access’ is part of the FixO3 project’s remit to offer companies and institutions working on ocean technology and research the chance to test their new and existing prototypes at one or more of the project’s 15 fixed-point open ocean observatories. The project also offers the opportunity to carry out scientific marine research using the instrumentation already available at these observatories.

Applicants are encouraged to start working now on their proposals in order to be ready for the 31 July deadline as prior to submitting the proposals, applicants for TNA will need to contact the observatory manager of the preferred FixO3 location for a pre-feasibility evaluation of their project and a letter of support. Applicants will also need to write a small research proposal explaining the reasons why they would like to use one of the observatories in the FixO3 network.

The TNA proposals will be decided on scientific merit and the selection process will start as soon as the proposals are received, with a final decision to be made in December 2014.

For further information on the FixO3 TNA, email the project manager at or the TNA office at