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Behind the scenes of filming for World Oceans Day 2022

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The National Oceanography Centre invites you to watch our open access on-demand videos from this years World Oceans Day.

Whatever your interest, education or time zone there is something waiting here for you. Our team of speakers were excited to share their latest science and technology through talks and hot-topic discussions from climate change to micro-plastics.

Short talks for ocean enthusiasts of all ages

Our ocean and the climate – Dr Ben Moat and Dr Alejandra Sanchez-Franks
The ocean has a big role in climate change and learning about the effects is important in helping to combat consequences like sea level rise and flooding. We give an overview of these issues, how we observe the ocean to obtain this information and what we can do to help mitigate climate change.

Life in our oceans – Dr Adrian Martin
50–80% of life lives in the ocean, with the number of species remaining a mystery to this very day! This talk dives into the twilight zone to discover some of the weird and wonderful creatures within. Find out their source of food and also peek into marine habitats and the discovery collection.

Health of our ocean – Professor Richard Lampitt and Dr Alice Horton
As the climate changes, the ocean follows suit. Some factors in the changes include ocean acidification and migration of species. In this talk, learn about how plastics enter the ocean and what part it contaminates, the impacts on the food chain and how seagrass amongst other things can help preserve the ocean.

The future of ocean exploration – Dr Maaten Furlong
Looking ahead to the future, ocean exploration will need to change to achieve net zero targets and adapt to modern requirements. In order to reach these goals, ocean observing tools like autonomous vehicles like Boaty McBoatface will become more and more important. If you are interested in cutting-edge technology this is the talk for you!

Hot-topic panel discussions

Future of climate change
Professor Meric Srokosz is joined by four experts to discuss the future of climate change and the effect it will have on oceanography and the process of observing the ocean.

Solutions to fight climate change
Huw Gullick, along with a panel of world-leading experts, outline some of the solutions available to fight the increasing consequences of climate change. An overview of blue carbon and carbon capture technology, and how this can aid the NOC's work, is also presented.

How to become an oceanographer
Led by Sarah Taylor, this talk lays out pathways to become an oceanographer. This includes advice on navigating some of the challenges you may encounter, the steps you’ll need to take and why the NOC is such a brilliant place to develop your talent and passion.

Advancing ocean science through data
Join Dr John Siddorn to learn about how data can help advance ocean science. Some of the key topics discussed are the process of ocean observing, horizon scanning, artificial intelligence and the ground-breaking digital twin programme, which aims to generate a digital copy of the ocean.

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