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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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Research Interests:

I am a Senior Research Scientist in satellite and physical oceanography.

I am interested in satellite remote sensing applications in relation to marine ecosystems variability. My research focuses on linking ocean physical and biological processes and addressing societal challenges such as climate change impacts on marine environment; combing observations, models and fish catch and using cutting-edge Machine Learning. My research case studies are in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.

I am also experienced in capacity building at an international level.

Visiting Fellow position:

  • Visiting scholar to the Alan Turing Institute as part of the Turing Research and Innovation Cluster in Digital Twins programme.

PhD Students:

  • William Luty (2023-present): Impact of oceanic mesoscale eddies on the productivity of the western Bay of Bengal: contribution of new EO data and Machine Learning
  • Sunny Joshi (2023-present): Bayesian Meta-Learning for Earth Observation: Better Models with Less Data

MSc Students:

  • Karl Kay (2021-22): La Niña impacts on chlorophyll-a variations in coastal East Africa
  • Timea Faber (2020-21): Productivity controls at the Somali coast during the northeast monsoon