Projects by Research Area

Abyssal megafaunal resilience to deep-sea mining *
Artificial intelligence at sea - can smart imaging systems tell us what’s happening in the marine ecosystem right now? *
Assessing the effects of microplastics on marine benthic communities
Combining acoustic and visual survey data through multimodal machine learning for wide area seafloor habitat classification *
Dissecting the microbial foodweb: determining the influence of phytoplankton derived organic matter substrates on bacterial growth efficiency
Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glue on marine snow formation
How do corals make their skeletons? Insights from boron geochemistry
How do species emerge?
Investigating controls on the ocean’s biological carbon uptake via sinking particles
Investigating the ecology and biogeochemistry of the twilight zone, one of the least studied ecosystems on Earth
Keeping tabs on ocean acidification: Using novel technologies to monitor carbonate chemistry from polar to tropical waters *
Mathematical and computational modelling of the impact of viral infection of oceanic phytoplankton on the global carbon cycle
Photo crazy - can you use images to understand the ecology of the twilight zone?
Scale dependency of benthic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning *
Size matters: how does microplastic and nanoplastic size influence their abundance and toxicity in the aquatic environment?
Tasty or Toxic? Biogeochemistry of marine sediments in a warming ocean
Taxonomy and biogeography of the world’s largest ecosystem based on combined morphological and molecular studies of amphipods *
Temporal variability of the carbon system across the Atlantic Ocean; causes and implications
The role of the microbiome in coral bleaching - Friends or Foes?
Thermal sensitivity of field metabolic rates of marine fishes